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We mostly use Power Pressure Wash or sand blasting system to remove any marking or Graffiti.

Graffiti Removal Program:a city-wide effort to resist the efforts of "taggers" of gang affiliation that deface and vandalize homes and businesses/churches/parks, throughout ORANGE COUNTY, CALIFORNIA.


During the past six years the Graffiti Removal Program has received 8,000 reports of vandalism. The year 2000 realized a decline in reports to 1400 locations which influences the Court/City to continue since our efforts apparently are working. This year so far we have received 325 new locations of graffiti ranging from school "tagging" to church defamation, however, most locations are garages (alley), abandoned buildings, fences, and playground equipment. Our goal is to be in a proactive position to predict geographical locations of areas of concern by statistical analysis.

Most disconcerting is the racial and religious markings to churches and property. Our staff immediately reacts to such acts with a total manpower and equipment and when we're lucky we even beat the news media.

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Remove graffiti from any walls, windows, any surface. Remove graffiti seven days a week except for rainy days and holidays. We are specialized in grafitti removal and painting of any kind surfaces.LIBRA Graffiti Removal Program will provide a simple and complete program to eradicate graffiti within the ORANGE COUNTY, CALIFORNIA using all available resources and reasonable efforts.

Goals and Objectives:

The goals and objectives of the program are to make the best community possible by eliminating the visual blight of graffiti and to provide immediate and lasting solutions

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